My name is Aleksei Shipso. I'm photographer and traveler (over 100 countries).

I'm graduated from Art School in Russia.

My specialty: large format photography, B&W portrait, film photography, travel photography, wild animals.

Recently, I am actively using photofilm - a large format, medium format and sometimes 35 mm.

The main tools: Toyo-View 45GII, FK ("ФК") 8x10'', Iosif Pokorniy ("Иосиф Покорный") 13x18, Mamiya ZD, Exakta 66, Minolta a7, Balda Super Pontura

Favorite optics: Dallmeyer 2C Extra Quick Acting 180mm f/2.2 (Petzval Type), Hugo Meyer Primoplan 100mm f/1.9, Minolta MD Rokkor 58mm f/1.2, Zodiac-8 30mm f/3.5, Minolta 85mm f/1.4G(D)